Middle East Center for World Missions

Equipping Middle Eastern

Christians to GO.


Our Vision

Our vision is that the Church in the Middle East and North Africa would send out large numbers of indigenous missionaries to effectively and efficiently make disciples for Christ in their region and globally.



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To provide a platform on which believers from around the world can gather, combine and leverage the resources (human resources, training, finances, etc...) that are largely dormant in the churches in the Middle East.


To facilitate the mobilization, training, and sending of missionaries from the Middle East and North Africa to the world. Our goal is to equip Christians from the Middle East and North Africa to go. Specifically, our long- term goal is to build the capacity of the MEC to equip 220 long-term students annually, which is an average of ten Christians per year from each of the 22 Arab League countries.


Our solution includes building a hub (The MEC) where Christians can come together, get equipped, and be sent out. The MEC is comprised of 5 departments:

1. Health: Helping the Church Build a Strong Foundation

2. Gathering: Unifying the Church through Corporate Prayer and Events

3. Outreach: Training the Body of Christ in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions

4. Media: Giving the Church a Global Voice through Arts and Technology

5. Strategy: Developing Global Missions Strategy through Research and Advocacy

MEC Plans by Phase

Phase one begins formally in January 2019.

Pledges and cash gifts are being gathered toward an initial $1 Million USD.


Phase 1 - Land Purchase

Objective: Raise $7 Million USD by December 2021,

Funds will be used to Purchase a 2500-4000 M2 Property in Northeast Beirut, zoned to allow at least 12,000 M2 of construction in at least 2 Blocs


Phase 2 - Construction A

Raise $6-7 Million USD

Architecture and Engineering: $1 Million

Construction: $5-6 Million USD

This will include the prayer center (300 M2 + 50 M2 balcony), 80 guest rooms (2400 M2), 8 classrooms (400 M2), 15 offices (225 M2), Media Department Phase 1 (327 M2), Horizons Headquarters Phase 1 (130 M2).


Phase 3 - Construction B

Raise $7-9 Million USD

Funds will be used to complete the center. This includes conference center (2200 M2), 120 rooms (3600 M2), 8 classrooms (450 M2), Media Dept. Phase 2 (315 M2), Worship Arts Academy (375 M2), Horizons Lebanon Headquarters Phase 2 (120 M2). 

Progress Toward Initial $1 Million - 19% Raised

I really believe that God is doing some special things through Horizons in Lebanon.

It’s not often that we get a chance to participate in something that can change a whole part of the world.

It’s an honor for me to help in this way and to support the work there.
— Anonymous MEC Donor