Middle East Center for World Missions

Your Hub for Missions in the Middle East


Our Vision

Our vision is that the Church in the Middle East and North Africa would send out large numbers of indigenous missionaries to effectively and efficiently make disciples for Christ in their region and globally.



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To provide a platform on which believers from around the world can gather, combine and leverage the resources (human resources, training, finances, etc...) to maximize their impact for the Kingdom.


To facilitate the mobilization, training, and sending of missionaries from the Middle East and North Africa to the world. Our goal is to equip Christians from the Middle East and North Africa to go. Specifically, our long- term goal is to build the capacity of the MEC to equip 220 long-term students annually, which is an average of ten Christians per year from each of the 22 Arab League countries.

MEC Café


Our solution includes building a hub (The MEC) where Christians can come together, get equipped, and be sent out. The MEC is comprised of 5 departments:

1. Health: Helping the Church Build a Strong Foundation

2. Gathering: Unifying the Church through Corporate Prayer and Events

3. Outreach: Training the Body of Christ in Evangelism, Discipleship, and Missions

4. Media: Giving the Church a Global Voice through Arts and Technology

5. Strategy: Developing Global Missions Strategy through Research and Advocacy

What is Happening in the MEC Today?

The MEC’s mission is to catalyze and facilitate a missions movement in the Middle East.

That’s a huge task—a dream that only God can turn into a reality. We praise God that he has given us small but significant steps to take on this amazing journey. We are excited to announce that the MEC has its first dedicated facility, and is already expanding! The Horizons café in East Beirut, which has been operating since 2014, has now become the MEC. In addition, a generous donor has enabled us to expand by purchasing another space in the same building.

The facility includes the “Prayer for All Nations Center”, which will be filled with displays of multimedia information about world missions. This is to bring greater awareness of unreached people among the local believers, that they might intercede in prayer for the unreached people of the world and take action to reach them with the gospel.

In 2018, Horizons partnered regularly with over 49 Lebanese churches and hosted over 293 visitors through our Guesthouses and International Teams Department—and these numbers continue to grow!

This bustling flow of people and activities is the result of tremendous efforts and resources from the body of Christ around the world, as God has inspired hundreds of churches to get involved in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East.

Many visiting believers have ministry gifts and knowledge that could bless and equip Lebanese believers, but these gifts can go unused for lack of sufficient coordination and collaboration between local churches and organizations. Only God knows how many opportunities have been lost because his people didn’t manage to work together. As the MEC increases in its capacity to coordinate multi-church/organizational efforts such as outreaches and training events, we hope to see synergy grow in God’s Kingdom, to boost local ministries and launch a powerful indigenous missions movement to transform the Middle East and the world for Christ!

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