MEC Plans by Phase

Phase one begins formally in January 2019.

Pledges and cash gifts are being gathered toward an initial $1 Million USD.


Phase 1 - Land Purchase

Objective: Raise $7 Million USD by December 2021,

Funds will be used to Purchase a 2500-4000 M2 Property in Northeast Beirut, zoned to allow at least 12,000 M2 of construction in at least 2 Blocs


Phase 2 - Construction A

Raise $6-7 Million USD

Architecture and Engineering: $1 Million

Construction: $5-6 Million USD

This will include the prayer center (300 M2 + 50 M2 balcony), 80 guest rooms (2400 M2), 8 classrooms (400 M2), 15 offices (225 M2), Media Department Phase 1 (327 M2), Horizons Headquarters Phase 1 (130 M2).


Phase 3 - Construction B

Raise $7-9 Million USD

Funds will be used to complete the center. This includes conference center (2200 M2), 120 rooms (3600 M2), 8 classrooms (450 M2), Media Dept. Phase 2 (315 M2), Worship Arts Academy (375 M2), Horizons Lebanon Headquarters Phase 2 (120 M2). 

Progress Toward Initial $1 Million - 19% Raised

I really believe that God is doing some special things through Horizons in Lebanon.

It’s not often that we get a chance to participate in something that can change a whole part of the world.

It’s an honor for me to help in this way and to support the work there.
— Anonymous MEC Donor